Translucent Waves 100th Episode Celebration

FB Cover TW 100 V2

Jordy Jurrius started DJing in July 2008, became resident DJ in Kaeno’s radio show The Vanishing Point in 2009 and few months later he started with his own radio show.
On 24th of September 2009 the first episode of Jordy’s first radio show TRANSLUCENT WAVES, with his old dj name jOr-D, was broadcast at (Dutch internet radio station).
After TotaalFM stopped, he continued his radio show at and these days Translucent Waves is being broadcast at 3 stations: Lazer FM, Party103 and Radio 3 Norge.

After more than 4 years he will finally reach the 100th Episode milestone of his radio show. Something he never would believe reaching it.

To celebrate this massive milestone, from November 15 until 17 at Lazer FM
He invited 49 DJ’s to celebrate this with him, in total 54 hours long!!!
Jordy will be playing a 3 hours exclusive set.

EVENT: Facebook Event

This Is The Full Line-Up announcement of the 100th Episode Celebration

Johan De Kock (South Africa)
Row (USA)
T.O.M. (Netherlands)
Jonas Stenberg (Sweden)
Claus Backslash (Germany)
Orson Welsh (Netherlands)
Julian Vincent (Netherlands)
Shaine (Netherlands)
Rafael Osmo (Israel)
Existone (Russia)
E&G (Norway)
Stefan Viljoen (South Africa)
Renvo (Netherlands)
Jerom (Netherlands)
Mike Saint-Jules (USA)
Kaeno (USA)
PiNi (Netherlands)
RichD (Netherlands)
Mike Angelli (Netherlands)
Shadowfall (USA)
Juan Paulino (USA)
Blake Baltimore (USA)
Troy Cobley (UK)
Stan Salazar (USA)
Sound Fusion (Poland)
Nendis (Netherlands)
Peter Blanc (Netherlands)
JayCee (Netherlands)
Dj Geri (Spain)
DJ Ampz (Canada)
Aprocltd (Germany)
Vincent Voort (Netherlands)
Living Daylight (Netherlands)
Relik (USA)
Jonathan Exley (UK)
DJ Arnoldi (Netherlands)
Richard Guerra (USA)
James Peralta (USA)
Quino (Netherlands)
Sebastian Palmett (Spain)
Adri (Netherlands)
Robbie Van Doe (UK)
Angelique (Netherlands)
Thais Jhon (Netherlands)
Privitheus (South Africa)
El-Jay (Netherlands)
XTone (Netherlands)


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